The Achilles Gene


About the author

Norman Miller was born in Liverpool and was a schoolmate of John Lennon’s at Quarry Bank Grammar School. Having studied medicine at Manchester University, he embarked on a research career, starting with a PhD at the Australian National University in Canberra, before moving to Edinburgh, where he famously discovered, along with his doctor brother, the link between HDL cholesterol and protection against heart disease.

His work has taken him around the world and to its finest universities in the USA, Australia, Norway and the UK. At Oxford, he served as a Visiting Fellow and Waynflete Lecturer in Magdalen College. He has published over 250 scientific papers and has contributed to two award-winning documentaries. After leaving Oxford, Miller advised the Dutch company Uniqure BV during the development of the first gene therapy to be approved in Europe.

The Waynflete Trilogy by Norman Miller (published by Clink Street, 08 April 2021, in paperback and ebook) comprises the novels The Achilles Gene, Deidamia’s Surprise and A Pyrrhic Victory.

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