Burford in Oxfordshire Cotswold

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Welcome to the Burford edition of The Oxford Magazine.

On the steep sides of the Windrush Valley, Burford is a small medieval town that’s often referred to as Oxfordshire’s “Gateway to the Cotswolds”. Burford’s stiff slopes make it somehow more picturesque, especially when you see the town’s rustic stone cottages, half-timbered buildings and regal townhouses on the high street.

Wandering down towards the medieval bridge on the Windrush River you’ll be enticed by the little side streets with their tea rooms, pubs and speciality shops. Allow some time to see the medieval Church of St John the Baptist, which is lavish in the true Wool Church style. And if you’d like to spend the night, there’s a good choice of bed & breakfasts and inns for such a small town.

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