A Ten Week Course in Practical Philosophy at Eckersley House

26 September to 28 November
Eckersley House, Oxford
14 Friars Entry

A Ten Week Course in Practical Philosophy at Waterperry Gardens and Eckersley House in Oxford

About the Ten Week Course in Practical Philosophy at Eckersley House

Living wisely is at the heart of our Practical Philosophy course at Eckersley House.

This ten-week course is designed to calm the mind and help uncover the true self.

The practice of exercises drawn from philosophical traditions of both East and West allow freedom from petty concerns and help people learn to distinguish what is important from what is not.

If they become part of everyday life, these exercises reconnect people with the present moment, which is the essence of mindfulness.

The group discussion, over three terms, will include topics such as wisdom, consciousness, reason, beauty and the unity underlying all things.

In a far-from-steady world this course offers steadiness which can be incorporated into our daily lives. It draws on ancient teachings of both east and west and shows how they can be relevant to us today.

Do visit our website at https://schoolofphilosophyoxford.org for more information about us.

Please see important booking information below.

Booking information

Event cost: £35.00

Normally £65.00, reduced to £35.00 if you enrol in advance before 28 September

Age guidance: 18+

Duration: This course runs from 26 September to 28 November

About the location

The course will take place in Eckersley House in the heart of Oxford city.

Eckersley House can be found in a pedestrian street which starts at the Tesco Metro in Magdalen St and comes out at Gloucester Town Square, where several levels of classes in Practical Philosophy on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Good to know

  • Park & Ride buses stop outside Tesco store in Magdelan Street
  • Friars entry is next to the Tesco store