Exit Right Series: Product Market Fit


07 July 2022

07 July 2022
Wood Centre for Innovation
Wood Centre for Innovation, Stansfeld Park, Quarry Road, Headington

Exit Right: a new series of expert-led events for entrepreneurs

About the Exit Right Series: Product Market Fit

You have a good idea but you need to know that your product has a market. Product market fit is the first step in building a successful venture. Expert advice from entrepreneurs Phil Wakefield and Mark Preston will help put you on the right track by sharing their experience and expertise in the field.

They will ensure that you ask the key questions before you go to market: Is there a customer base for your product? Is it packaged right? How do you blow the competition out of the market?


Phil Wakefield
CEO, Product Studio, Oxogen

Phil supports new founders creating impactful tech solutions through user-focused strategy, design and the development of Minimum Viable Products. He particularly enjoys making use of the increasing array of tools available to start-ups looking to prove their idea without the need for big investments.

Mark Preston
CEO, Prismea

Mark helps companies scale through data, cloud and compliance. Working with engineering and biotech companies, we provide specialist analytics, build cloud infrastructure and make companies audit-ready.


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