Hungry for change – the power is on your plate!


21 April 2021

21 April 2021
Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus
Oxford Brookes University, Headington

Hungry for change - the power is on your plate!
Hungry for change – the power is on your plate! is a panel debate by Oxford Brookes University to mark Earth Day 2021 ‘restore our planet’ theme.

About Hungry for change – the power is on your plate!

We are living through unprecedented times; the pandemic, Brexit and the climate emergency have highlighted that the need for a sustainable food system is more pressing than ever.

Oxford Brookes University will be hosting a panel debate to mark Earth Day 2021 and explore this years’ theme: ‘restore our planet’. The debate will be live-streamed online and consist of a panel discussion and Q&A from the audience.

The panel will give the audience an insight into sustainable food choices and share practical tips on how we can all make a positive difference by changing what we put on our plate.

We will be joined by:

Fiona Steel, Good Food Oxford Manager
Good Food Oxford is a network for a better food system in Oxford, working together for healthy, fair, sustainable and tasty food.

Charlie Huson, Forward Food Programme Manager, The Humane Society International
The HSI Forward Food Programme encourages a more plant based diet by explaining the impact of livestock and farming on the environment and public health.

Rob Wiggans – Executive Head Chef at Gather & Gather
As a market leader in workplace wellbeing, Gather & Gather help customers make informed eating choices through our multi-tiered wellbeing programme. We firmly believe that sustainability isn’t a separate initiative but is something that continually weaves through everything we do.

Chair: Thalia Carr, Facilitator and Coach in the Sustainability Sector
Thalia facilitates open, creative spaces where large or small groups of people can speak and share openly so they can come to good decisions in the service of the wider environment.

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