Oxford Vegan Market


22 January 2023

22 January 2023
Gloucester Green
Gloucester Green

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22 January @ 10.30am to 4.00pm

Gloucester Green

Oxford Vegan Market
Oxford Vegan Market

About the Oxford Vegan Market

The Oxford Vegan Market is a delicious vegan market with hot food, sweet treats, lifestyle, cosmetics, and a huge range of vegan businesses.

This huge vegan market takes over over Gloucester Green, right in the heart of this historic university city and where the regular market operates, on just two Sundays throughout the year.

The event brings together a wide variety of vegan street food vendors, artisan bakers, craft brewers, ethical jewellers, sustainable chandlers, local artists, zero-waste champions, environmental charities and loads more.

Good to know

Please note: The event has moved from the Oxford Town Hall so there is now no entrance fee and lots more street food options.

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About the organisers

Oxford Vegan Market is organised by Vegan Markets Co, who run vegan markets in 40+ locations across the UK, bringing you the best of the best in vegan food, drinks, clothes, cosmetics and more, created by independent, ethical and sustainable businesses.

Founded by Lewis Beresford in 2015, the very first event in Cambridge was a phenomenal hit and from there they’ve been tirelessly building new events in locations across the country.

They work hard to connect the growing sustainable, ethical and vegan curious population with amazing products and services developed by a new wave of independent, pioneering and eco-focused companies.

They also continue to collaborate with councils, BIDs and markets around the UK, working together to create vibrant events that enliven and rejuvenate local centres as well as promoting local, independent companies of the future.



The event has moved from the Oxford Town Hall so there is now no entrance fee and lots more street food options.