The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park


03 June 2022

05 June 2022
Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

About The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Lord Camoys, Commander of the Left Flank at the Battle of Agincourt, invites you to his annual Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park from 10.00am to 5.00pm on Friday 03, Saturday 04 and Sunday 05 June 2022.

Join the Knights of Royal England for an epic display of Medieval Jousting at Stonor Park. A truly memorable joust will take place during which knights in full armour will stop at nothing, charging full tilt on Andalusian geldings in an attempt to strike their opponent’s shield and knock them out of their saddle.

See spectacular horseback stunts, as well as foot combat with medieval weaponry, Falconry displays, 15th Century Black Powder Weapon Displays, Living History Displays, Agincourt History Theatre, a working medieval forge, Archery, an Armoury for young knights to (safely), equip themselves, mouthwatering food and medieval costume competitions.

The Mysterious World of Tumblestone Hollow, the most enchanting Adventure Playground in all the land, will also be open throughout the Tournament.

Tickets must be purchased in advance from the link above to comply with Government regulations.


Adult (over 16): £16.00. Child (2-15yrs): £13.50. Early booking discounts may be available.
The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - Falconry Displays

Falconry displays

As well as two jousting tournaments a day, there will also be regular Falconry displays to fascinate the crowds, including Owls, Falcons, Hawks and other birds of prey. The Eagle Owl, gliding with their huge wings across the arena, never fails to impress.

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - Archery


Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood or an English Longbowman about to head to the Battle of Agincourt? Then try your hand at Archery, which will be available all day (extra costs apply).

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - Medieval Firepower Displays

Medieval firepower displays

A Cannon crew will organise medieval firepower demonstrations twice a day using everything from medieval handguns to full-size cannons of the style used during the Battle of Agincourt.

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - Armoury Forge

Armoury forge

Plessis Armouries will be demonstrating making early 15th-century armour throughout the weekend using a working forge and giving a series of talks about styles of armour and how they changed.

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - Living History

Living history

History Interpreters covering the period from 1400-1450 will bring the time of the Battle of Agincourt alive to visitors. There will be things to look at and things to do.

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - History's Pavilion

History’s pavilion

The Past Presents will tell the story of the Battle of Agincourt during the course of each day at their interactive theatre, where lots of audience participation is required!

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - Mouthwatering Food

Mouthwatering food

Enjoy Stonor Gourmet Venison Burgers, Hog Roast Baps, Pizza, The Chipsmyth, local Rebellion Beer, Mead, a wide range of soft drinks, ice creams and coffee stalls. You can also buy wooden swords, shields and bows and arrows from the Stonor Armoury.

The Jubilee Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park - Medieval Costume Competition

Medieval costume competition

Dust off your chainmail and be part of the fun in our Medieval Costume Competition. We are looking for Kings and Queens, Crusader Knights, Robin Hoods, Maid Marians, Court Jesters, Friar Tucks and English Longbowmen. There will be a prize of a bottle of mead for the adult in the best medieval dress and a wooden sword and shield for the best-dressed child each day.

Tumblestone Hollow at Stonor Park

Tumblestone Hollow

The Mysterious World of Tumblestone Hollow will be open throughout our Medieval Jousting Tournament at Stonor Park.

It has been hiding in plain sight, right under our noses, for many millennia. Throughout this time, the people who live there have been quietly going about their business, keeping the standing stones safe that surround their magical home.

Finally, after more than 552 and a half years of careful negotiation between the Stonor Family and the people of Tumblestone Hollow, they have agreed to allow us into their wonderful world.

It is a place of laughter and light, shadow and sunshine, peace and tranquillity. Most importantly for young and old, friends and family, it’s a beautiful, magical place to play together.