Oxford Cultural Collective

Oxford Cultural Collective
Oxford Cultural Collective

About Oxford Cultural Collective

Oxford Cultural Collective promotes better understanding of food and drink in pursuit of personal fulfilment, professional development and social change.

In support of this mission we deliver creative learning opportunities for students, engage the public through cultural events and provide a range of commercial services for partners and clients.

Cultural events

Our regular public events, from lectures and panel discussions to lunch clubs and hosted dinners, provide the perfect environment to learn about food, drink and culture and to meet other food enthusiasts.

Commercial services

We provide a range of commercial services for clients and partner organisations, all focused on food, drink and culture, including educational and creative consultancy; commissioned research; professional development programmes; and the creation and hosting of events.

About Oxford Cultural Collective Masterclasses

Masterclasses provide you with opportunities for personal and professional development and, in many cases, they will help with planning for your career advancement. 

All of our tutors are recognised experts in their fields. Drawing on their knowledge and extensive experience they will use OCC Masterclasses to share valuable insights. 

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