Abingdon Farmers’ Market

Abingdon Farmers' Market
Market Place
OX14 ‎3HG

About Abingdon Farmers’ Market

Abingdon Farmers’ Market is run by the Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Co-operative which exists to manage and promote Farmers’ Markets, enabling farmers and small producers to sell their produce directly to you.

The market showcases lots of local producers who would love to tell you about their products. Buying at farmers’ markets helps to support local farmers and producers. There are no middlemen involved, and no profits for supermarkets and their shareholders.

Come to Abingdon and enjoy its friendly atmosphere and unique setting. Sample and savour the fresh produce of our local district. Meet local farmers, growers and producers.

The market moved to Market Place in November 2008 and takes place on the third Friday of every month from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Abingdon Farmers' Market

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