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Before you submit your event

Please check that the event is not already listed on the website. Please also read our guide to submitting event listings below.

Guide to submitting event listings

Please submit your event as early as possible. Submitting your listing as far in advance as possible gives your event greater exposure over a longer time on our website and through search engines. New event listings must be submitted a minimum of 14 days in advance.

Information submitted is reviewed by our Digital Editors for accuracy and relevance, and we do not guarantee that your event listings will be published.

Updating an event listing

Unfortunately, once submitted, you cannot edit an event. To make changes to your event, please email When emailing about a previously submitted event, or an update to an event listing, be sure to include the name, venue and date of the event.

Event listings from multiple sources

Occasionally, an event is submitted from a variety of sources including the venue, organiser, performers, promoters, PRs and members of the public. Where an event has input from multiple sources, our Digital Editors will curate the best possible event listing from the different sources to avoid duplicates. In such cases, the published event listing may look different from what you have submitted.

Editorial changes to event listings

Please note that for the benefit of our readers, we have a house style and editorial rules which our Digital Editors apply to every event listing to help maintain a consistent look and tone across the website.

Completing the event listing form

Not every part of the form needs to be completed. The parts that are required are marked with an asterisk (*) and include the event title, description, venue, date and time and ideally, price. You will not be able to complete the submission process if you leave a required part blank.

Photos & images

We will contact you via email for photos and images to accompany your event listing. You may need to tell us to whom to credit the photo before we publish the event listing.

Submitting multiple events

If you have a large number of events to submit (we're talking 50+ events in a month), please email to discuss a more optimal solution such as structured files, JSON or XML.

If you have any questions and or require any additional information about event listings, you can contact us via email to

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