All you really need to organise your very own Easter egg hunt at home

It’s super easy to organise your very own Easter egg hunt, and here’s just about everything that you’ll need to put one together.


All you really need to organise your very own Easter egg hunt

All you really need to organise your very own Easter egg hunt

Spice up your Easter holiday with a simple yet exciting DIY Easter egg hunt.

The Easter Egg Hunt is a classic tradition that comes around once a year. And it’s pretty simple: regular or plastic eggs are hidden while players scramble to find them with hopes of winning a prize. The excitement that comes along with playing makes for a fun day.

If you’re planning to put one together, look no further. All you really need to do to organise an Easter egg hunt is to invest in some supplies and make sure the participants are not peeking when you set it all up!

It’s a great idea for Easter Sunday, but you can just as easily stage one on any other day during the Easter holidays. And while it’s traditionally an activity, you can have just as much fun indoors too – if the weather turns or if you don’t have much outside space.

1. The Easter egg hunt eggs

We recommend Chocolate foil-covered eggs. They’re easy to hide for a traditional Easter egg hunt. What’s more, if you don’t want to pit the kids against each other, you can assign them a colour each to collect. There’s plenty to choose from on, or you could head over to your local supermarket.

Foil-covered Chocolate Eggs

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2. Fillable plastic Easter eggs

If you’re not keen on having only Chocolate eggs, then get yourself some fillable plastic Easter eggs like these ones. You can fill them with small prizes of your choice – whether alternatives to chocolate or small toys that the kids will love to play with after the hunt is over.

Colourful Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs

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3. The egg collecting tote bags

Next, you’ll need something for the kids to use to collect the eggs they find – like these ones. There are 4 bags, each with super cute bunny ears in different colours. These are a great idea since you can reuse them after Easter. Plus, they’re super cute, and you can personalise them with the child’s name. You’ll need a waterproof marker pen for that.

Easter Egg Collection Tote Bags

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4. The Easter egg hunt signs, clues and riddles

For younger kids, you’ll need a set of signs to help them find their way around. This Peter Rabbit themed wooden Easter Egg hunt kit contains 12 pieces (6 slot together characters and 6 etched wooden stakes) that can be reused year after year.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit

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Toddlers can follow these bunny footprints to find prizes. Just place them around the house. You get 6 sheets of Easter bunny footprint and arrow sign stickers in varying sizes.

Easter Bunny Footprint and Arrow Sign Stickers

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Clues and riddles for older kids are a way to keep the fun going that bit longer for older kids and an easy way to add a twist to your traditional egg hunt. You can fold hand-written clues into empty egg cups and leave them lying around the house or garden.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

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And here’s the equivalent for an outdoor egg hunt with clues that lead to generic outdoor spots like a bush, flower bed, barbeque, picnic rug and back door.

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

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Alternatively, this reusable treasure hunt game comes in handy. It has 100 reusable clue cards (picture/word and riddle) and a handy treasure map puzzle board. Follow the trail, crack the clues and collect the treasure (Easter eggs) along the way.

Treasure Hunt Game

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5. The Easter egg hunt decorations

Easter stickers are a good way to start, and these good-value stickers will probably keep you going for a good few years; there are 400 pieces (30 sheets) of Easter stickers. They’re easily removable once the Easter fun is done, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a mess.

Easter Stickers

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These hanging paper Easter eggs look great hung from the ceiling or placed strategically around the garden. Each pack contains one egg-shaped pleated paper decoration, so you’ll need to order a handful to make an impact.

Hanging Paper Easter Egg Decorations

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Instead of hanging paper Easter eggs, why not opt for these colourful round paper lanterns with wire ribbing, which you can use after Easter – for birthdays, summer gatherings, etc. It comes in 8 bright colours – green, purple, pink, orange, blue, yellow, red, orange, and 4 sizes of each colour – 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches.

Hanging Paper Lanterns Decorations

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Then there’s this pack of Happy Easter banner and 30 swirl decorations. The colourful Easter egg bunny banner and hanging swirls are a nice way of adding a sense of occasion to the egg hunt. Not to mention that the swirl decorations are pretty impressive in the garden as they twist in the breeze.

Happy Easter Banner and Swirl Decorations

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6. The bunny ears headbands

Your Easter egg hunters need to look the part. There are 5 coloured bunny ears headbands here, so the whole family will be covered. Go on then, you know you want to.

Easter Bunny Ears Headbands

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7. The Easter egg hunt games

This Easter bunny beanbag toss game is a fun game that could be incorporated into your egg hunt or afterwards as a way to win more eggs or fun prizes. Kids have to throw the included bean bags through the holes to score points.

Easter Bunny Beabbag Toss Game

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