Easter Trail at Tumblestone Hollow, Stonor Gardens


01 April 2023

16 April 2023
Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames

01 April to 16 April

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 6HF
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01491 638 587
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Easter Trail at Tumblestone Hollow, Stonor Gardens
Easter Trail at Tumblestone Hollow, Stonor Gardens

About Easter Trail at Tumblestone Hollow, Stonor Gardens

The annual Tumblestone Hollow Easter Trail will run every day from 01 to 16 April. 

Pebble and Grit have been having a whale of a time placing riddles and clues around the standing stones and treehouses at Tumblestone Hollow and in the Gardens at Stonor Park that they have sneaked into. 

Follow the trail, exploring and playing as you go along. Solve the puzzle and receive a fantastic chocolate treat. Hear the stories of Tumblestone Hollow read by one of the woodland elves who might even give you a special Tumblestone washable tattoo.


£9.50 – £14.50

Everyone who visits, including older guests, requires a ticket.

Please see important ticketing information below.

Ticketing information

Over 105cm – £12.50 / £14.50 (in-person)
Between 92 and 105cm – £9.50 (online) / £11.50 (in-person)
Under 92cm – Free

Prices are based on height, as some treetop paths and houses at Tumblestone Hollow are only accessible to taller explorers of our woodland realm.

Food & drink:
Enjoy mouthwatering Italian wood-fired pizzas cooked by our Italian pizzaiola Salvatore, organic longhorn beef burgers, loaded fries, Italian soft serve gelato ice cream, and hand-spun milkshakes at the Rumble Huts along with delicious Illy Coffee, piping hot chocolate and a variety of specially selected cold drinks.

About Tumblestone Hollow

Welcome to the mysterious World of Tumblestone Hollow. It’s been hiding in plain sight, right under our noses, for many millennia. Throughout this time, the people who live there have been quietly going about their business, keeping the standing stones safe that surround their magical home.

Finally, after more than 552 and a half years of careful negotiation between the Stonor family and the people of Tumblestone Hollow, they have agreed to let us all into their wonderful world.

It’s a place of laughter and light, shadow and sunshine, peace and tranquillity and most of all, it’s a place to play with friends, with family young and old, and most importantly, a beautiful, magical place to play together.

Welcome to Tumblestone Hollow!