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Calvert Sporting - Adam Calvert - Shooting Instructor in Oxfordshire
Moonshine Barn, Aldfield Farm,
East Hendred
OX12 8LJ

About Calvert Sporting

Calvert Sporting offer impartial and bespoke services for novice and experienced shooters alike to help ensure that whenever you go shooting, the day becomes an absolute pleasure.

Calvert Sporting has developed a global reputation as one of the leading providers of shooting instruction – in-field, on shooting grounds and at private shooting layouts around the country. This reputation has been established by our founder and director Adam Calvert, now backed up by a strong shooting team.

The organisation is underpinned by a deep-seated background in field sports and the countryside. From Adam’s upbringing as a Yorkshire farmer’s son surrounded by shooting and “shooting people”, to Penny’s early years on the estates of Caithness, salmon fishing on the Spey and a career as an Executive PA in the City, there is an understanding and affinity with the sporting world and a natural recognition of what is needed to operate a sporting business. The subsequent emergence of Adam Calvert Shooting, and development of the business into Calvert Sporting seemed to be an inevitable outcome for Adam and his wife Penny.

Adam and Penny Calvert of Calvert Sporting - Shooting Instructors in Oxfordshire
Adam and Penny Calvert of Calvert Sporting – Shooting Instructors in Oxfordshire

This combination of excellence in shooting instruction, attentive detailed operational organisation, and first-rate customer support results in a service that you can trust to provide you with the ideal solution matched to your needs. All of this helps us meet our aim of ensuring you are best placed to enjoy your shooting.

Shooting Instruction

Adam Calvert & the Calvert Sporting team are rapidly becoming globally recognised as some of the most dynamic and successful shooting coaches in the world today, offering highly bespoke and tailored shooting instruction. Last year the team spent 200+ days in the field, instructing clients on a one-to-one basis. Instruction takes place in two main formats – on a shooting ground, or in the game field.

Gun Fitting

Gun fitting is one of the most overlooked factors of shooting success; it’s overlooked by shooters and coachers alike. Its importance is paramount to ensuring that the shooter can perform to the best of his or her ability (ladies gun fitting is especially important). Gun fitting is seen by many as somewhat of a dark art; a view usually driven by a lack of a clear understanding of this fine art.


Calvert Sporting brings a wealth of knowledge of gun fitting, gun performance and in-field practical experience of game shooting in the demanding conditions of the UK. Whether that be extreme pheasants, grouse, pigeon or even evening wild duck flighting over a pond, that breadth of knowledge means Calvert Sporting can understand what the client ultimately needs from a shotgun. We offer a full range of Hull cartridge’s, visit the Calvert sporting gunroom or call 01235 834 441 to talk through the perfect option for you.

Calvert Sporting Shooting Instructors in Oxfordshire

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