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The Oxford Magazine is launching a new digital print magazine.

Francis Lovel & Co

Francis Lovel & Co - Gunshop and SHooting Accessories in Oxfordshire
Wharton Buildings,
Downs Road,
OX29 0RF

About Francis Lovel & Co

Francis Lovel & Co are renowned for offering quality new and used guns and at any one time, we will have over 400 different guns in stock whether side by side or over and under.

Gun sales

We have one of the widest selection of Best English quality guns in the country including James Purdey & Son, Holland and Holland and a wide selection of other English gunmakers such as Pape, Henry Atkin, Joseph Lang and many more. Alongside these, you will find a selection of flintlock pistols, hammer guns and muzzleloaders in our shop. We also have a wide selection of old and antique ammunition.

In addition to our shotguns, we have a large selection of new and used rifles and scopes, as well as air rifles. Alongside these, you will find ammunition to fit most popular calibres as you would expect from a quality traditional gunshop.

Gun servicing

All guns and rifles need to be looked after and should be serviced regularly just like you would a car – springs become loose and firing pins become worn so to prevent any embarrassment on a shoot day we recommend that you have your gun serviced at least every other year and if you are shooting a lot then at every year.

Gun fitting

If your gun does not fit you correctly then there is more of a likelihood that you will be missing more than you are hitting! To ensure that your gun fits you correctly we recommend that you bring it into the shop and we will then set up our “try gun” to replicate your current gun and then make the necessary adjustments. We can then discuss the best options for you whether it’s a minor adjustment needed or work needed on your stock to even discussing a new gun that will fit you better.

Gun repairs

If you are unfortunate enough to have knocked or dented your barrels please bring your gun in so that we can have a look at it – it is important that any dents are knocked out sooner rather than later to prevent any long term damage. Or you have a broken firing pin please bring your gun into us and we will arrange to have it repaired. If however, you have a more serious problem with your gun like a cracked or broken stock we again can assist with arranging for your gun to be restocked and if necessary arrange for you to borrow a gun from us subject to appropriate monetary arrangements.

We are located in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside just on the outskirts of Witney and right on the edge of the Cotswolds. We have ample parking for new and existing customers and look forward to seeing you.


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