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With over 30 years of experience, Oxford Innovation is the UK’s leading innovation and incubation centre operator with a growing network of innovation centres across the UK.

Their model for Centre operation delivers a unique blend of financial sustainability and economic outputs for clients (the building owners), as well as delivering the best possible environment to support our customers (the occupiers).

They understand what innovators, start-ups, entrepreneurs and emerging businesses are experiencing. They know what works and how best to support you. Being part of a wider group of regional business centres allows you plenty of opportunities for networking along with the option of using the facilities in other locations, such as hot-desking at neighbouring centres (subject to availability).

They offer a range of flexible workspaces and support for early-stage science, technology and innovative SMEs.

Their roots lie in the first commercial spin-out from Oxford University – Oxford Instruments PLC. Founded in 1959 by Sir Martin and Lady Audrey Wood, their experience of developing a spin-out company revealed the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and inspired them to set up The Oxford Trust, a charitable trust which continues to support the region’s science and technology ecosystem today.

Through the problems they unearthed and their work with the Oxford Trust, in 1987, Oxford Innovation was born. Since then, they have supported over 7,000 SMEs to become sustainable businesses, creating high-value jobs, innovative products and services and, as a result, enhanced local economies.

Having started with a couple of port-a-cabins in Osney Mead, Oxford, they now manage the UK’s largest network of innovation centres housing over 1,000 innovative early-stage businesses.

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