Shortland and Hall

Shortland and Hall - 1930s living room, Oxford
11 Manor Grove, Kennington

About Shortland and Hall

Shortland and Hall offer interior design packages that help their clients make lasting, beneficial changes to the way they live.

From deep-dive conversations on a topic of your choosing to inspiring renders and comprehensive buying lists, they’re committed to bringing more ease and clarity to the process of redecorating.

Working with them will leave you feeling empowered to take impactful action, move past decision fatigue and gain momentum.

In addition to their trade benefits, they love to source from local makers and creatives and have a treasured list of recommended trades.

So, if you want to get off the Pinterest merry-go-round and are serious about creating an inspiring, authentic space that feels like home, you can find out more about their offers via the website or send them an email, and they’ll be in touch.

About Jo and Sabrina

Shortland and Hall is run by Oxford-based design duo Jo and Sabrina.

Their journey into business started with one timely text sent by Jo, and it hasn’t stopped since. From careers in the education and charity sectors to a life well-lived in design.

How a room makes one feel matters. How cocooned one is by the colour of the bedroom walls and how squishy the sofa is at the end of a hard day matters.

If you’re pushed for time, not sure where to start or overwhelmed by choice, then they’ve got a package that will support you.

Make your living spaces count.

You’ll thank yourself for it, they promise.

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