Oxford Council invites residents to apply to join Oxford Residents’ Panel


Oxford Council invites residents to apply to join Oxford Residents’ Panel

Oxford City Council is inviting members of the public to apply to join the Oxford Residents’ Panel and have their say on local issues in Oxford.

The Oxford Residents’ Panel aims to have a representative cross-section of Oxford’s residents on the panel, to ensure the views of a wide range of residents are reflected in consultations and surveys carried out by the council.

The council is inviting residents to register their interest in joining the online panel. There is no deadline but residents are encouraged to register their interest as soon as possible.

What is the Oxford Residents’ Panel?

The Oxford Residents’ Panel is an additional online form of gaining informal feedback on projects in Oxford, as well as providing an insight into public attitudes. It can be used alongside and is not used as a substitute for formal public consultation.

Residents who are a member of the panel can have their say on local issues by completing online surveys. They may also be invited to take part in virtual focus groups.

Recent surveys to the panel include views on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on individuals and households, the impact on our residents of switching many council services online in recent months and views on the changes introduced in the city centre recently, including a survey on the part pedestrianisation of George Street.

Members from the Resident’s Panel were also selected to participate in the Oxford Citizens Assembly on Climate Change, which occurred last autumn.

How to apply to join Oxford Residents’ Panel

The panel is free to join, and those wishing to apply must be a permanent resident of Oxford and must be at least 16 years old.

The recruitment process for the Residents Panel is handled by Ipsos MORI. Residents can apply to join the panel at www.ipsos.uk/oxfordpanel and will be asked to complete a recruitment questionnaire.

Councillor Susan Brown, Leader of Oxford City Council said: “Since it was established, our residents panel have helped to guide us in some very exciting projects and schemes across the city – from climate change, to city centre streets, transport changes, and much more.

“The views of our residents are very important in helping us create a world-class city. I encourage any Oxford resident who is interested in joining the panel to complete the questionnaire.”

Currently, 466 Oxford residents are members of the Residents’ Panel.

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