Oxford Preservation Trust

Oxford Preservation Trust
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Oxford Preservation Trust – Independent Guardians of Oxford

We began in 1927 and have been looking after Oxford ever since. We have seen many changes, guiding that change and not stopping it, conserving the best of the old, and encouraging the best of the new. We look after Oxford’s built areas and its green setting so that buildings can live on and Oxford’s rural setting is there for all to enjoy.

Our mission is simple but significant, to ensure that we are conserving the best of Oxford’s past and help create a positive future for our great City. We are lucky enough to care for acres of land in Oxford’s rural setting and world-famous view, opening it up for everyone to enjoy. We conserve buildings from cottages to castles, our offices in the saved c17th cottages in St Ebbe’s, Shakespeare’s Painted Room, the restoration of Oxford Castle, and even a railway Swingbridge.

Our deep knowledge of Oxford gained over many years allows us the opportunity to share our expertise. Studies, such as the Conservation Area Toolkit, Oxford Views Study, or Castle Canal College, are designed to help better and positive planning for the future. Oxford Design Excellence and our OPT Annual Awards are our chance to recognise the exemplary work of others and the contribution they make to Oxford.

Education and sharing our knowledge and passion for Oxford is in the heads, and the hearts, of everyone involved with OPT and is reflected in the work that we do. Whether it’s Oxford Open Doors, our member events or our community outreach programmes we want people to know more about the great place that is the city of Oxford.

We welcome anyone who is as passionate about this city as us to join us. Support our work. Support Oxford.

Oxford Preservation Trust is a company limited by guarantee registered in England Number 225839 Registered with the Charity Commission Number 203043

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