The books to give as Christmas gifts this year

Whether it’s a classic or a cookbook, fiction or poetry, these books will make for unforgettable Christmas gifts.


It is a universally acknowledged truth that books make for unforgettable Christmas gifts. Whether it’s a classic or a cookbook, fiction or poetry, these collections by the UK’s favourite booksellers contains some of the most interesting picks guaranteed to earn you some brownie points this festive season. Or, you know, you could just treat yourself, and give your bookshelf a makeover.

Most sought after books

Your shortcut to the books that will be under the most trees this Christmas.

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Signed by the author

A signed copy adds extra sparkle to any Christmas book gift.

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Children’s books

Whatever their age, excite, inspire, entertain and see their eyes light up.

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Beautiful books

A special collection of luxury books to indulge a loved one.

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Dive into a handpicked selection of the most unforgettable stories, plots, twists and characters across all genres.

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Fun books

Fun, Fun, Fun! Fill a stocking, laugh out loud, quiz until you drop or just geek out.

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Gift and stationery

Cute calendars, desirable diaries and noteworthy notebooks.

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Seriously good reads

Non Fiction for the expert and the incorrigibly curious.

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Biography and memoir

From the lives of the famous and the soon-to-be, live for a moment in the shoes of others.

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Classic Christmas books

70 of the most Christmassy books of all-time. Pure nostalgia.

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2021 prize winners

The winners of the main book prizes and other literary gongs in 2021.

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Lifestyle books

Home & Garden, Food & Drink and alternative ways to live. Make sense of crazy times.

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Hobbies and sports books

From cats to cycling, fashion to football, travel to tennis, it’s time to help someone fuel a passion.

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