Christ Church Meadow, Oxford

Christ Church College Meadow Oxford University

About Christ Church Meadow

Christ Church Meadow is a large area of tranquil pasture in the heart of the busy city of Oxford, owned and maintained by Christ Church and bordering the Rivers Cherwell and Isis. The Meadow is open to the public until dusk each day and provides opportunities for picnics and river walks.

The meadow is enclosed by the Rivers Cherwell and Isis (the Thames is known as the Isis whilst flowing through the city). The Isis is home to the college boathouses where rowing teams gather to train and compete. Between the river and the Meadow Gate of the college is the large Broad Walk – a refuge from the busy City Centre streets.

The Large Broad Walk at Christ Church Meadow Oxford University
Rare English Longhorn Cattle at Christ Church Meadow Oxford University

Getting there

The meadow can be entered through the Memorial Garden entrance on St Aldates, through a gate between Merton College and Corpus Christi on Merton Lane, or through a gate at the eastern end of the Meadow next to the Botanic Gardens. Visitors are asked to note the rules about access to and use of the Meadow posted at the entrances.

The College maintains a herd of beautiful rare Longhorn cattle on the Meadow, and they spend most of the year there.

Christ Church is located in the heart of Oxford. It is a 15-20 minute walk from the railway station and a 10-15 minute walk from the bus station. A number of bus services operate in the area. No parking is available in the College and driving is not recommended. Oxford has a Park and Ride scheme which motorists are encouraged to use.

Admission to the College is dependent on time and date. Please check the Christ Church College website for more details.

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