Flo’s – The Place in the Park

Flo’s – The Place in the Park
Rymers Lane

About Flo’s – The Place in the Park

Flo’s is a community-owned and run hub for people to meet, work, play, create, learn, eat and connect.

Open since September 2018 Flo’s is working to connect people of all ages in the Florence Park and Cowley and provide a space where people can relax and meet each other in the heart of a beautiful park!

At Flo’s you find:

  • The Community Space: free to use by anyone the community space can be used by families or individuals to spend time indoors for free. There are some games, books, toys and also a Lending Library and Book Swap. You can bring your own food.
  • The Flo Cafe: serving delicious cakes, coffees, warm and cold lunches, salads and snacks. The food is locally and ethically sourced by the Vaults and Garden’s cafe.
  • Flo’s Refill Shop: selling-packaged dry foods and detergents to raise funds to keep Flo’s open and reduce plastic waste. Every Saturday and Wednesday.
  • Flo’s Nursery: a nature-based nursery for children between 2 and 4 years old.
  • The Isis Community Midwives: working with expectant mothers in the ward.
  • Rooms to hire: We have 4 spaces to hire at affordable rates.

Plus events and courses in crafts, horticulture, education etc.

Flo’s – The Place in the Park is a genuine community initiative.

Flo’s – The Place in the Park

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