The Story Museum, Oxford

The Story Museum, Oxford
42 Pembroke Street

About The Story Museum, Oxford

The Story Museum celebrates story in all forms and explores their enduring power to teach and delight.

The Story Museum is a most unusual museum in the heart of Oxford that highlights the human need for stories and celebrates the many ways that people can benefit from them.

Through immersive exhibitions and gallery spaces, events and outreach work, they celebrate stories in all forms and explore their enduring power to teach and delight.

Sharing great stories in great ways with visitors

Through imaginative exhibitions and an exciting programme of performances, events, workshops, clubs and skills-building courses, they engage people of all ages in great stories. Their activities are interactive, multi-sensory and designed to encourage parents, carers and children to spend time together enjoying stories in many different ways.

Offering fun, engaging and effective workshops for schools

Their schools’ workshops are based on many years of experience in engaging children with learning and literacy. Half and full-day workshops are led by teaching professionals, delivering curriculum-based and enriching activities that immerse participants in language, stories and ideas.

Alice’s Day

Each year on the first Saturday of July, The Story Museum coordinate’s a city-wide festival celebrating Alice in Wonderland. This family festival involves organisations across the city from museums and galleries to shops and community groups, all putting together a programme of events and activities, most of which are free.

Creating impactful projects with community partners

Stories are a brilliant way of bringing people together, sharing experiences and nurturing skills. They work with selected schools and community partners to bring about positive change for groups and individuals.

Researching, collecting and sharing 1001 Stories

The Story Museum is collecting 1001 of the world’s greatest stories: from different times and places, and in different forms. This means gathering versions of each story as well as objects that relate to them and their creators. They consult widely with audiences and experts to select stories that are memorable and enjoyable. They research the stories and find new ways of bringing them to life. Their Collection is dynamic, evolving each year to reflect changing tastes and capture new stories as well as re-discovered classics.


Ticketing information

Tickets for Small Worlds and The Galleries and sold separately. Select your chosen experience and the time you would like to visit. Tickets for specific events listed at the bottom of the page and for the City of Stories experience can be booked via the events page.

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