An insider’s guide to walking tour operators in Oxford

There are several walking tour operators in Oxford offering guided walking tours, hybrid bus and walking tour, and self-guided walking tours.


Radcliffe Camera at the University of Oxford
Radcliffe Camera at the University of Oxford

Guided walking tour operators

There are several guided walking tour operators in Oxford, some of which are:

  1. Footprints Tours Oxford – They offer a range of walking tours, including an Oxford University Tour, a Harry Potter Tour, a Ghost Tour, and more. 
  2. Oxford Official Walking Tours – This is the official tour operator for the city of Oxford, offering guided walking tours, including a University and City Tour, a Literary Tour, and a Hidden Oxford Tour. 
  3. Oxford Walking Tours – This operator offers a range of tours, including a Classic Oxford Tour, a Private Tour, and a Christ Church Tour. 
  4. Oxford Tour Company – They offer a range of tours, including a Historic Oxford Tour, a Harry Potter Film Site Tour, and a Walking and River Cruise Tour. 
  5. Bill Spectre’s Ghost Trail – This unique tour takes visitors on a spooky journey through the dark streets and alleyways of Oxford, sharing tales of ghosts and hauntings. 

It’s always a good idea to check their websites or contact them directly for more information about the tours offered, including schedules, prices, and booking options.

Hybrid bus and walking tour

City Sightseeing Oxford runs a superb bus tour that covers all of Oxford’s major attractions throughout the year. A 45-minute optional “Stepping Through Oxford” walking tour of the areas you cannot see from the bus is included in the price of the bus tour ticket. 

You can hop on and off as many times as you like for the duration of your ticket. This will allow you to discover Oxford even more closely, take in some of the sights, enjoy a meal at one of the fantastic restaurants or simply take a coffee break. With its medieval streets, cobbled lanes and secluded alleys, there’s no better way to see Oxford than up close.

Self-guided walking tours

Vox City Tour App is a mobile application that provides users with self-guided walking tours of various cities across the world, Oxford included. The app is designed to help users explore and discover the city’s top attractions and hidden gems at their own pace.

With Vox City Tour App, users can choose from a range of walking tours, each with its own unique theme, such as history, culture, food, and more. The app provides detailed information about each stop on the tour, including historical background, interesting facts, and practical tips, as well as photos and videos.

The app also offers offline maps, which means users can navigate the city without a data connection. In addition, the app provides audio guides, which allow users to listen to the tour while walking, freeing up their hands and eyes to explore the city.

Vox City Tour App is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, and it offers tours in multiple languages. The app is a great option for those who prefer to explore the city independently and at their own pace, without the need for a traditional guided tour.

Book tours

Book walking tours of Oxford University and Oxford city

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