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The Oxford Magazine is a premium English-language publication. We value consistency and accuracy in our work and rely on a style guide to govern everything that we write. Our perspective reflects that of the internet at large, and we regularly update this style guide to ensure it remains relevant and responds accordingly to changes in common and casual usage of language.

Our preferred dictionary for is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) available online at oed.com. There is a free version available in collaboration with Dictionary.com at lexico.com. In general, use the first spelling of a word (unless it appears in the word list below or is preferred by the Associated Press Stylebook).

Preferred style manual

Our preferred style manual is the AP Stylebook (Associated Press Stylebook). Please consult the Chicago Manual of Style for issues not covered by the AP Stylebook as well as for more detailed information and discussion, where applicable. Generally, AP Stylebook trumps the Oxford Dictionary, but any style point mentioned in this guide overrules those publications.

Please note that this style guide provides a reference to common words and terms used on our website, as well as information on style issues particular to this site. It is not intended to be a comprehensive manual of grammar and style.

Words and spellings

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