Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum

Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum
Aston Martin Heritage Trust
Drayton St Leonard

OX10 7BG

About the Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum

At the Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum, you will be able to enjoy viewing the ultimate collection of cars, scale models, trophies, engines, racing memorabilia and engineering tools. It’s a great experience that everyone would enjoy whether you have an interest in cars or not. The Aston Martin Heritage Trust also run events throughout the year that are based across the UK.

What to expect

Cars are at the heart of the museum. Space is limited in the museum, so the rota of vehicles on display is regularly updated. The museum’s star is the A3, the third of the original prototypes, and now the oldest Aston Martin in existence. She’s usually on display, although she’s in high demand for international appearances.

Scale models
While the museum cannot show you a full-sized example of every car Aston Martin have ever made, you can see one at 1:43rd scale. The extensive model collection shows how the cars evolved over time, demonstrating the breaks and continuity in production over 100 years.

The museum displays the racing trophies won during the height of David Brown’s days racing with Aston Martin – thanks to a kind donation from his widow. The DB3, DB3S and DBR1 showed the brilliance of Aston Martin’s engineering and race management teams.

Over the years, Aston Martin has made trade show specials of their engines – from the classic straight 6 of the DB4, DB5 and DB6, to the V8’s of the 70s, to the mighty V12 and pocket V8 of the 2000s. There’s a display of a wide range of engines – either whole or carefully cutaway – so that you can see inside and admire the engineering.

Racing memorabilia
Learn about the men who have risked their lives racing in Aston Martin’s over the years, from the overalls, helmets and equipment they used over the years. From the Pre-David Brown era stars such as St John ‘Jock’ Horsfall and Mort Morris-Goodall to the celebrated names of the 1950s like Stirling Moss and Roy Salvadori.

Engineering tools
One thing that has always set Aston Martin apart is the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into their manufacture. For over 80 years, every car was handmade. And even now, they are assembled by hand rather than by robots. The collection of classic tools and measuring instruments attest to the skill behind every car.

Visiting the Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum

  • Ticket prices start from £5.00 (concessions at £3.00).
  • Tickets include access to view everything in the museum.
  • All visits must be pre-booked through the Art Tickets booking website. Opening dates and timings will be listed on a seasonal basis.


Getting there

By Car
From the South: via M40, Jct 7, A329
From the North: via M40, Jct 8A, A329. Or via M40, Jct 9, A34, A4074

By train
The nearest stations are Didcot Parkway (8.7miles) or Oxford Railway (10 miles).

By taxi
From railway stations to the museum approx. 20 minutes from Didcot Parkway, approx. 25 minutes from Oxford Railway.

Please note that there is no public transportation to the museum.

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