Floralia Perfume Boutique

Floralia Perfume Boutique, Thame, Oxfordshire
55 North Street

About Floralia Perfume Boutique

Floralia Perfume Boutique is located in the picturesque market town of Thame, Oxfordshire.

This charming boutique offers quality artisanal blends expertly made by niche perfumeries from the UK, Sweden, France, Italy, Argentina, the Caribbean and Australia.

The carefully selected brands, not available on the High Street, are all expertly crafted, unisex (however, some scents err towards to typically more masculine or feminine) and encompass the entire olfactive family, from light floral daytime fragrances to deeper woody scents and evening oriental fragrances.

Perfumes made in the UK include the entire Karen Timson selection (Envide, amber and honey musk accord and violet), Abbey Perfumery (the gorgeous and Floralia bestseller Joe Smooth, Arabica coffee, vanilla and Jasmin), Olfactive O (the delicious Gourmand, shortlisted for the Times Beauty Awards), Scottish perfume house Jorum Studios (the floral Nectary with the depth of Oud).

Swedish perfumes include the entire range from Maya Njie (Tobak, hints of tobacco, vetiver, mush and leather) and Swedoft (Rasputin, a Floralia bestseller and complex blend of cardamom, patchouli and Oud).

Perfumes from France and Italy include Ph Fragrances, Obvious, J.U.S (Sexycrush, oozing in Oud), Laboratorio Olfattivo (Nerotic, earthy smoked leathers, and fragrant white lily scent of Nun).

Floralia is the only stockist in the UK & Europe of Nateeva fragrances from the Caribbean, while Argentinian perfume house Frassai offers a divine selection (Cuir Pampas, pepper, cedarwood and leathers). Plus unique blends from Australian Goldfield & Banks (fresh and citrussy Bohemian Lime).

All perfumes are eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. A home fragrance selection is featured on the lower floors, Home County Candle Co., Holistic London, Kult and Ilara.

All products are also available online, with prices ranging from £25 to £265 for the perfumes and £20 for the room fragrances.

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