ila Spa

ila Spa Farm Shop, Kiddington, Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Gate Farm, Park Road, Kiddington
OX20 1DB

About ila Spa

An ancient Sanskrit word for Mother Earth, ila is a beyond organic skin and heart care brand which aims to do something very simple, but also completely revolutionary.

Founder Denise Leicester’s vision was to create a range of highly potent and sacred products, which channelled the raw remedial power of Nature, using her most ancient and purest sources of energy – plants, flowers, and herbs – and proving that results-driven products and spa treatments can go hand-in-hand with the highest standards of natural and ethical integrity.

It took two years to find the right type of Roses to use, sourced from India and wild-harvested at dawn for the highest vibration by artisan producers; the petals of 38 flowers are used to produce just one drop of oil.

But what makes ila different is not just that the products are created in a meditative environment by hand in the Cotswolds using unsurpassed natural ingredients and minimal processing, nor that the company supports tribal communities, villages and farmers all over the world.

What makes ila different is that every product is imbued with a very strong intent, an intent to nurture way beyond the surface of the skin.

The Production Barns

There is a barn in the English countryside where ila products are made. From the barn, you look out over the rolling Cotswold hills and green fields of Oxfordshire. Inside the barn, the scent of essential oils mingles with the gentle sound of Eastern chanting.

In this beautiful place of peace, ila products are blended – by hand, in small fresh batches, using simple techniques based on an intuitive and heartfelt approach. Our staff work without talking, relishing the meditative atmosphere.

By combining ancient traditions, ethical processes and untainted natural ingredients, we harness nature’s purest vibrancy in each and every product, many of which are also individually inscribed with a positive intention.

The Farm Shop

We are delighted to announce the opening of our very own rustic Farm Shop based in our barns in Kiddington, near Woodstock.

A haven of tranquillity, this new retail space proudly stocks all of our most favoured products and is the ideal place to buy a gorgeous gift for beauty lovers and anyone seeking deep heart nurturing.

Safe in the knowledge that these organically produced products have been lovingly created just steps away, our experts are on hand to talk customers through each product and collection, offering skincare advice and tips for a happy holistic lifestyle.

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