Linacre College, Oxford

Linacre College, Oxford
St Cross Road

About Linacre College

Linacre College is a graduate college of the University of Oxford with a wholly interdisciplinary and international student body.

Set in the delightful surroundings of parks and playing fields, Linacre is situated next to the University Parks and adjacent to the University science area, within easy reach of all principal university departments and libraries, and only five minutes’ walk from the centre of Oxford.

Founded in 1962, the college’s name commemorates an outstanding Renaissance figure, Thomas Linacre (c.1460-1524), a distinguished humanist, medical scientist and classicist whose accomplishments established him as one of the great scholars of his time.

The college offers high-quality accommodation and facilities to its members and guests. The college is also committed to being energy efficient, protective of the environment, ethical, and forward-thinking.

The college has more than 550 graduate students and more than 50 Fellows – the majority of whom are from outside the UK and represent 100+ different countries. The college reflects Thomas Linacre’s breadth of learning in its own multi-disciplinary purpose and ideals.

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