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Wolfson College, Oxford

Wolfson College, Oxford
Linton Road

About Wolfson College, Oxford

Founded in 1966, Wolfson College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford and one of the university’s few postgraduate-only colleges. The college is named after Sir Isaac Wolfson, a philanthropist who played a crucial role in its founding.

Wolfson College has the freshness and vitality of Oxford youthfulness, combined with a mature, business-like outlook and a legacy of egalitarianism and diversity instilled by its founding president, Isaiah Berlin.

With a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and academic excellence, Wolfson College welcomes students from various disciplines pursuing advanced degrees, and it hosts a range of events, seminars, and lectures that contribute to the intellectual vitality of the community.


Wolfson College started life in 1965 when the University of Oxford founded Iffley College. Later the same year, Sir Isaiah Berlin was invited to be the college’s first president. Through his efforts, generous benefactions were received from the Wolfson Foundation and the Ford Foundation, which enabled the college to include graduate students. The college officially became Wolfson College in 1966, when it was renamed in honour of Sir Isaac Wolfson, who contributed toward its foundation.

Architecture & facilities

The college is renowned for its modern architecture that offers highly flexible and fully accessible meeting and dining spaces for all types of events and occasions, with a new lecture theatre featuring stunning design, excellent acoustics and exemplary functionality.

Located in North Oxford’s leafy and affluent residential district, Wolfson’s enchanting riverside location feels like rustic English countryside, yet is only a few minutes by car or bus from the city centre, with some provision for on-site parking.

In the summer, the college offers full residential conferencing and bed and breakfast, with en-suite bedrooms of a very high standard. Year-round, it offers expansive space and attentive service for day conferences and meetings, lectures and performances, weddings, dinner dances and other functions.

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