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Marieta is not only highly trained in many forms of fitness training, but also has significant experience in delivering this training in classes throughout Oxfordshire. She has a desire to share this training and experience with you to deliver highly motivational, stimulating and fun training sessions.

Marieta’s ethos is that exercise should be fun and should be something that you look forward to, alongside the physical and mental rewards. She loves having the opportunity to help people improve their lifestyle and achieve what they want for themselves. Whether that be improved fitness, health improvement, improved confidence and self-esteem, or a combination of these goals.

Personal training either takes place at your home, at a studio in The Practice Rooms in North Oxford, or at the gym in Kidlington & Gosford Leisure Centre with Marieta providing the one-on-one, individual and specific training sessions tailored to your individual requirements.

Following your initial session where Marieta reviews your needs, an individual program will be designed to meet your specific requirements to reach and surpass your goals. Programs are designed to be both physically and mentally challenging by using a wide variety of techniques and modalities while keeping the structured exercise fun yet challenging.

Personal training sessions can also be booked for two people, so if you want to train with your partner or friend, then Marieta is more than happy to accommodate you both.

Marieta works with clients in Oxford, Oxford Airport Kidlington, Woodstock, Witney and Abingdon.

Marieta Fitness Oxford Personal Trainer Fitness Instructor
Marieta Fitness Oxford Personal Trainer Fitness Instructor
Marieta Fitness Oxford Personal Trainer Fitness Instructor

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