Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
South Parks Road

About Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Founded in 1884, the Pitt Rivers Museum is a global museum that displays archaeological and ethnographic objects from many cultures across the world and all time periods.

It’s home to over half a million objects and curious artefacts including masks, magic and musical instruments, as well as photographic, film, manuscript and sound collections.

The museum has always been housed in a small three galleried building at the rear of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (to which, at the beginning, it was formally attached).

Drawers underneath many of the cabinets that can be opened to display more hidden treasures.

Entrance to the museum is through the Oxford University Museum Natural History.

Admission, exhibitions and events are all free.

The museum is one of the four University museums (along with the Ashmolean, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and the Museum of the History of Science). These four museums form part of the group GLAM (Gardens, Libraries and Museums) together with the Bodleian Libraries and Botanic Gardens and Harcourt Arboretum.

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