Chris Packham honours late founder of Compassion in World Farming


Chris Packham honours late founder of Compassion in World Farming
Chris Packham (left) and Philip Lymbery (right)

Highly respected naturalist, author and presenter Chris Packham CBE will be the guest lecturer at the Oxford Literary Festival’s inaugural event in honour of Compassion in World Farming founder Peter Roberts MBE.

The lecture, which will take place on Sunday 07 November, will see Chris share his perspective on many topical issues, including the climate and biodiversity emergencies faced by the world and the devastating impact of industrial animal agriculture on our planet.

His concerns mirror those of Compassion’s late founder, Peter Roberts – a dairy farmer whose worries about the disconnect between modern agriculture and the well-being of animals and the environment led to the charity’s formation.

Chris, who has been a Compassion in World Farming patron since 2019, will join Philip Lymbery, the charity’s Global CEO, in conversation. The Sheldonian Theatre event, which starts at 12.00PM GMT in Oxford and promises a hugely interesting, insightful and eagerly anticipated evening, will be taking place at the very same time that world leaders meet in Glasgow for COP26.

Best known as a leading environmentalist and wildlife expert, and presenter of the BBC’s flagship wildlife programmes Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, Chris says: “From our health perspective, from the point of animal welfare to the impact farming has on wildlife and to the way that our food choices shape the environment of the entire planet, thinking about eating no, less or better-quality meat or dairy needs to be on our agenda.

“As does a better understanding of the way modern farming practices are shaping our world and how we can work together with farmers to improve these for everything and everyone’s benefit.”

An accomplished writer, Chris’s autobiography Fingers in the Sparkle Jar: A Memoir was widely acclaimed and reached number 1 in the Sunday Times bestseller chart.

Philip says: “Chris has a reputation for speaking his mind – speaking out about our environment, wildlife, animal cruelty, food and farming practices and climate change. There has never been a more important time to make our voices heard as the leaders of the world meet for COP26 in Glasgow and, as we know, Chris is prepared to put his head above the parapet and is not afraid to challenge those in power, to confront prejudices and to speak out about injustices occurring in our precious countryside and indeed the world.

“I’m very much looking forward to introducing Chris at this special event and would like to thank the Oxford Literary Festival for so kindly hosting what will become an annual event in the festival’s calendar.”

Peter Roberts established Compassion in World Farming from the kitchen table of his Hampshire dairy farm in 1967 after he became horrified at the development of intensive factory farming. He took up the cause of farm animal welfare and the disconnect between food production and nature at a time when few others shared his concern.

He would be proud that today, Compassion is a powerful global movement, with offices in 12 countries, achieving profound and enduring advancements in farm animal welfare and highlighting the impacts of factory farming on the health of our people and our precious planet.

The Peter Roberts Compassion in World Farming Lecture – Chris Packham Interviewed by Philip Lymbery event, was originally scheduled for the 2020 Oxford Literary Festival event. Tickets booked for this event remain valid for the new date. If you exchanged your ticket for credit and still wish to attend, you will need to rebook using your credit.

For further details of the event and for ticket information, visit the Oxford Literary Festival website.

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