New Navigator Service launched for seperating parents


New Navigator Service launched for seperating parents
The new Navigator Service for seperating parents was launched by (lleft to right) Rebecca Giraud & Bob Greig of OnlyMums & OnlyDads, and Claire Colbert & Rachael Oakes of Family Mediation and Mentoring LLP

OnlyMums & OnlyDads and Family Mediation and Mentoring LLP have collaborated to launch an online problem-solving service to support people in making informed decisions around their separation and divorce.

Parents need different types of professional support depending on where they are in the separation process and the issues they are dealing with. The service is focused on helping people navigate one of life’s significant events.

OnlyMums & OnlyDads was founded by Bob and Rebecca, who recognised a lack of reliable online information and support for families going through divorce and separation and the need and value of giving parents access to accurate professional online support.

Rebecca & Bob founded their not-for-profit organisation, OnlyMums & OnlyDads, in 2007 and are co-editors of 101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children (Bath Publishing).

Claire and Rachael practised for over 20 years as specialist family lawyers before setting up Family Mediation and Mentoring to support people through the separation and divorce process, using their legal knowledge and skills as accredited family mediators to help people reach agreements and stay out of court.

For people who are thinking of separating but are unsure of what to do next or feel stuck and overwhelmed by the entire process, the Navigator Service will provide the support they need to move forward.

The Navigator Service is all about listening, supporting and providing people with the information they need to help them navigate the maze of decisions that have to be made as part of the separation and divorce process.

The fixed fee service provides a meeting with Bob & Rebecca to look at the initial steps and challenges and a subsequent meeting with Claire or Rachael to look at the legal routes and options available. Every person who uses the service will also receive a free copy of the popular book ‘101 Questions Answered About Separating with Children’.

In running their not-for-profit organisation, OnlyMums & OnlyDads, Rebecca and Bob have supported countless separating parents over the years with crucial initial advice. “We offer something of a listening ear and neutral space in which fears and hopes for the future can be talked through.

“What we can’t offer, though, is that more professional, detailed route map of the legal options open to parents who may need some professional support through their divorce/separation. That’s why working with Claire and Rachael makes complete sense”.

Rachael and Claire stepped out of the world of litigation to set up a business that would support people in reaching agreements about the issues that need to be addressed as part of relationship breakdown and avoid the stress and expense of going to court.

“We are really looking forward to working with Bob and Rebecca on this exciting project. It brings together their skills of working with people to help identify the key issues they need to address and any relevant resources or organisations that can support them.

“We will then provide all of the legal information people need to know about the separation and divorce process so that they can make informed decisions about the next steps in their own time”.

Visit The Navigator Service on the OnlyDads website for more information and to make an online booking, or email info@onlymums.org or info@onlydads.org.

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