Oxford City Council lets 22 new council homes


Oxford City Council lets 22 new council homes
Oxford City Council has let 22 new council homes on the 141-home development in Oxford that will include 45 council homes. Image: The Abbey New Homes sales office at St. Nicholas Place

Oxford City Council is letting 22 new homes for social rent in the latest phase of a development that will include 45 council homes.

Developers Abbey New Homes have handed over 16 two-bed and 1 three-bedroom flats on Mogridge Drive to the council, along with 2 three-bed houses and 3 four-bed houses. All 22 homes are being let at social rent to people on the council’s housing register.

When the development is complete this autumn, the 45 council homes will be made up of 5 one-bed flats, 19 two-bed flats, 7 three-bed flats, 10 three-bed houses and 4 four-bed houses.

The first six of the three-bed houses were let last summer.

The finished 141 home development will also include 25 flats for key workers. This means that half of all homes will be affordable – in line with the council’s requirements for new developments.

Genuinely affordable homes

High demand and scarce availability mean that Oxford is the least affordable place for housing in the UK. People on average outcomes are priced out of the housing market, and private rents are nearly double the average for England as a whole.

Social rent is calculated with reference to the size and value of a home and average regional incomes, plus any charges for communal facilities. In Oxford, social rent is typically around 40% of equivalent private rents.

The rent for these council flats varies from £452 to £472 a month, and the houses cost between £585 and £610 a month to rent.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2019/20 median monthly private rents in Oxford were £1,250 for two-bed and £1,500 for three-bed homes. The median monthly rent for homes with four or more bedrooms was £2,250.

Councillor Alex Hollingsworth, cabinet member for planning and housing delivery, said: “Oxford needs homes, and these 22 new council homes will provide genuinely affordable housing to people on our waiting list. Nearly half of Oxford’s homes are private rented, where rent costs can be up to two-thirds of take-home pay.

“Each new council house makes a real change to people’s lives. In order to thrive and prosper, we need to make living in our city a viable option for the people and families who are Oxford’s lifeblood. This is an important step on our journey to building a better, inclusive and diverse future for everyone.”

St. Nicholas Place - a 141 home development in Oxford
  • Affordable housing at St. Nicholas Place – a 141 home development in Oxford.

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