Milton Park, Abingdon

Milton Park, Abingdon
Park Drive, Milton
OX14 4RY

About Milton Park, Abingdon

Milton Park is a dynamic business, science and technology park in Oxfordshire and one of the largest in Europe.

It is a collaborative working environment and a welcoming community that fuels innovation and sustainable growth for more than 250 businesses and 9,000 people.

The park has three million sq ft (278,709 sq m) of offices, laboratories and warehouses and 25+ amenities in 214 acres, of which 43 acres are open and landscaped space with water, shrubs, grass and trees.

Its primary responsibility is to its customers, with a duty to create a home for dynamic businesses, small or large, thanks to an inspiring landscape, unrivalled connectivity and welcome humanity.

It facilitates life-changing discoveries and conversations between the business community, local and national government, research, academia, education, local residents and all relevant stakeholders.

By managing the buildings and infrastructure in sustainable ways, the environment is enhanced and flexibility is given for each company to realise its full potential.

The park provides a place where collaboration and the fusion of ideas can flourish, and talent can thrive. Social and cultural life are integral to the park. As a member of the community, people can enjoy its many amenities and events.


There is a huge range of excellent amenities available on site. From places to eat and drink, shop and exercise, people have everything they need right on their doorstep. There are 5 water lagoons, and an estimated 1,000,000 plants and flowers and around 3,000 trees onsite that attract lots of wildlife.

Dotted around the Park, these are lovely scenic spots for a walk or to spend some time relaxing and watching the birds and animals. However hectic your day is, you can find a bit of peace and quiet out here to get some respite.


The park operates a dedicated Shuttle Bus to and from Didcot Parkway railway station, from Monday to Friday, and there are several local bus routes with connections to Oxford and nearby towns. There is also a car share scheme in place which is interlinked with many other local car schemes.

The park is managed by MEPC with an onsite management team.

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