Oxford Montessori School

Oxford Montessori School
Forest Farm, Elsfield

About Oxford Montessori School

Oxford Montessori School is a school for people aged 2 to 16 years old. It’s very different from most other schools. Students are treated like intelligent, emotional and mature human beings. And so they behave that way. We know kids can and will do amazing things if given the chance. The school is very relaxed. We don’t go in for bossing kids around or forcing people to conform. We don’t over-test and we don’t over-stress: we have fun. We do lots of project-based learning and the kids get great results.

We have a great and broad mix of children from many backgrounds which creates a thriving sense of community. By emphasising children’s developmental and emotional well-being the school has gained a good reputation for its pastoral care and in particular helping young people rebuild their confidence, often lost in other more formal settings. We have also helped many children who refused school or who have been homeschooled to reintegrate and enjoy a school based education once again.

Oxford Montessori School

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