St Clare’s, Oxford

St Clare's Oxford
139 Banbury Road

About St Clare’s, Oxford

St. Clare’s, Oxford is an international, residential college which specialises in teaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Oxford. We provide excellent facilities, city campus location, experienced teachers, small class sizes and a high staff to student ratio guaranteeing a personalised service to students.

St. Clare’s, Oxford was founded by Anne Dreydel OBE and Pamela Morris in 1953, and grew out of a scheme to establish links between British and European students after the Second World War. The original name was The Oxford English Centre for Foreign Students, which later became St. Clare’s Hall, and then St. Clare’s, Oxford. The College grew quickly to encompass a wide range of nationalities and programmes, both at university and pre-university level and in English Language.

In the mid-50s, students came mostly from around a dozen Western European countries, as well as the UK. Nowadays there are 50 nationalities represented on the IB programme alone. The College continues to improve and grow. IB students are achieving their required grades and are being offered places at their chosen universities. Younger students coming to us for their summer holiday courses continue to recommend us to their friends, a clear indicator that our courses combine holiday fun with study success. Our adult students are undertaking more in-depth and challenging courses with a clear target of improving their future studies and careers.

St Clare’s, Oxford remains faithful to its original mission which is to advance international education and understanding.

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