Trinity College Oxford Beer Cellar

Trinity College Oxford Beer Cellar
Trinity College, Broad Street

About Trinity College Oxford Beer Cellar

Located underneath the Hall, the Trinity College Oxford Beer Cellar is the social hub of the college on most evenings, and the starting point for nights out. The spacious and atmospheric bar serves reasonably priced soft drinks, hot and cold snacks, as well as wines and branded alcoholic drinks.

The Beer Cellar is very well kept, with comfortable sofas, jukebox, quiz machine as well as a football table, television and games machines. There is also a large selection of food and drinks, including uniquely mixed Trinity cocktails.

The Beer Cellar is somewhere where people can just go and talk in the evenings. It is also the venue for the college ‘bops’ (costume parties) that take place twice a term, as well as other fantastic social events such as the ‘Open Mic’ and Quiz Nights.

Trinity College itself was founded in 1555 and is one of the most centrally located colleges. It is set back from the road in a quiet area with extensive gardens.

Beer Cellar at Trinity College Oxford

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