Oxford Comedy Festival 2023


01 July 2023

30 July 2023
Oxford City Centre
Oxford City Centre

01 July to 30 July

Oxford City Centre
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Oxford Comedy Festival

About Oxford Comedy Festival 2023

The Oxford Festival Fringe Preview Comedy Festival (Oxford Comedy Festival) is a month-long comedy festival that takes place in Oxford throughout July.

The festival brings the best comedians headed to Edinburgh and other large festivals to the Oxford community.

The festival has a particular interest in amplifying traditionally underrepresented voices, such as women, the global majority, and LGBTQ+ comedians, as well as giving a stage to more experimental shows.

The ultimate goal is to bring the talent that people love to Oxford to share with as many people as possible – and last year, there were over 50 amazing shows planned at different venues around town, including:

  • Tap Social Movement on Mondays
  • The Jam Factory on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • The James Street Tavern on Fridays and Saturdays
  • The White House by Tap Social on Sundays
  • The Ultimate Picture Palace on Fridays

Festival line-up

Come back closer to the festival period of a line-up of who’s going to be there, where and when, ov visit the festival website.