Heidi Mercer Counselling

Heidi Mercer Counselling, Summertown Clinic, Oxford
Summertown Clinic, 362 Banbury Road

About Heidi Mercer Counselling

Life can be tough.

Uncertainties can leave us overwhelmed, anxious, confused, and out of control.

We can struggle on our own to make sense of our world.

Perhaps difficult past experiences are affecting the here and now.

Perhaps a traumatic life event has knocked you off balance.

Perhaps you feel stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaving, thinking, or feeling.

School feels impossible and no one understands.

Life can feel relentless.

No time to pause and think.

A counselling session aims to offer a safe and confidential environment for you to talk about, and untangle, whatever it is you are struggling with. It provides an opportunity to stop, think and speak without distraction. It is a space where you can be heard without judgement or criticism and be listened to with compassion. The relationship between counsellor and client is key to the therapeutic process; and Heidi works hard to build strong connections with people to encourage trust, safety, and a feeling of being understood.

I am a BACP Registered Integrative Counsellor and trained in the modalities of Gestalt, Person-Centred and Transactional Analysis, meaning that I use whichever approach best suits an individual client. The therapeutic process is therefore tailored for each person. I can provide short-term or longer-term work, and face-to-face or online sessions depending on client needs.

I am passionate about mental health intervention and work as a secondary school counsellor as well as at the Summertown Clinic in private practice with young people and adults. I particularly enjoy working with young people; the fast-paced way their lives evolve, their flexibility and capacity to learn, and their innate playfulness and curiosity. I want to empower young people to build and develop resilience, self-confidence, and self-awareness, and to offer compassion to themselves and to others as they embark on adulthood.

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