Structural Balance

Angela Radley of Structural Balance
The Green, Shenington
OX15 6NE

About Structural Balance

Established in 2012, Structural Balance is a clinic by Angela Radley, that specialises in correcting long term postural problems that cause pain.

Many common ailments such as neck, back, hip, knee, and shoulder pain; stiffness, reduced movement and fatigue are often caused by torsion through the body’s soft tissue structure. This is very normal and can be easily helped.

Structural Integration is a hands-on progressive technique that aims to bring natural balance and glide back to the body. Posture and movement become easier, we feel lighter and getting through the day becomes less effort.

Many clients come to Angela by word of mouth, referral, or a google search born out of frustration having tried other things. There are under 100 Structural Integration Practitioners in the UK. Angela is one of two in Oxfordshire.

Angela – who recently moved to Shenington, OX15 from Leamington Spa – offers free consultations to discuss your concerns. This gives her the opportunity to see your structure and offer advice on what may be happening and for you to understand her style and technique.

Sessions last for 1hr 45mins and cost £95.

To find out more, please visit her website or give her a call.

Angela Radley

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