Modern Baker Cafe, Oxford [Closed]

Modern Baker Cafe, Oxford Summertown
214a Banbury Road, Summertown

About Modern Baker Cafe, Oxford Summertown

The Modern Baker Cafe, Oxford Summertown, was a modest and much-loved concept cafe in Oxford opened in 2015 and fast became the springboard for what is now the UK’s first healthy baking company.

The cafe enabled the bakers to test the market for healthy baked goods by getting precious feedback from a hugely supportive customer base. Some customers would drive an hour to stock up, often buying up to 10 loaves at a time, 9 for the freezer.

In early 2019 the bakers decided the cafe had more than done its job for and took the painful decision to focus solely on their wider cause – to democratise healthy baking, for the common good – so the cafe is now closed.

It allowed the bakers to push the boundaries of improving the quality of dietary carbohydrates through long-form fermentation, which is the underlying mission driving Modern Baker that the government has been co-funding since 2016.

However, the spirit of the cafe lives on in their cookbook Modern Baker: A New Way To Bake, published by Penguin in the UK and USA.

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