Award-winning writer and MP join medical professionals for Oxford brain injury conference


Award-winning writer and MP join medical professionals for Oxford brain injury conference.
Award-winning writer and MP join medical professionals for Oxford brain injury conference.

The Ahead Together conference, now in its third year of running, is on a mission to help professionals support families through life after brain injury. The conference is bringing together industry experts and family members with experience of acquired brain injury (ABI) for the one-day event in Oxford to drive best practices.

This year, the speaker lineup includes award-winning author and broadcaster Damian Barr who will share his deeply personal story of family brain injury and Sir Chris Bryant MP, leader of the ABI strategy consultation on behalf of the Government, who will discuss how families fit in the ABI strategy.

The conference will also feature talks from Stephanie Thompson, the wife of former England rugby player Steve Thompson who is a survivor of sports-related acquired brain injury, as well as Dr Ndidi Boayke, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, who will speak about using the Tree of Life model in family work in brain injury.

Highlighting the importance of supporting families after brain injury, the conference provides first-hand perspectives on issues that are often left out of conversations about brain injury.

Dr Audrey Daisley, A Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Conference Co-founder, said: “Ahead Together 2023 will prioritise the “Untold Family Stories”, highlighting issues that are typically sensitive, remain unspoken about or avoided, so that we can amplify hidden voices and narratives. We will reflect on the importance of sharing family stories to fully evidence the impact of brain injury and to create change”.

Ahead Together is aimed at professionals in the field of acquired brain injury, including neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, case managers, social workers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, academics, and brain injury professionals within charitable organisations.

Ahead Together conference is at Sir Victor Blank Lecture Theatre, Weston Library, Oxford (and live-streamed) from 9.00am to 5.00pm on Thursday, 11 May 2023 and at the iconic Sheldonian Theatre.

The full speaker list is as follows:

  • Damian Barr — Writer, broadcaster and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Damian will open the conference and talk about his own lived family experience of ABI
  • Sir Chris Bryant MP — MP for Rhondda, who leads the ABI strategy consultation on behalf of the Government.
  • Tracy Norris-Evans — Partner and head of Injury division at RWK Goodman
  • Lisa Burnyeat — Mother with lived experience
  • Dr Audrey Daisley — Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Oxford
  • Dr Mark Holloway — Senior Brain Injury Case Manager & Expert Witness
  • Nicola Hughes — Business Consultant and wife of a brain injury survivor
  • Dr Alyson Norman — Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Plymouth
  • Dr Ndidi Boakye — Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Couples Therapist and Director of The Psych Practice
  • Nicola Cale — Assistant Case Manager, CCMS
  • Dr Gavin Newby — Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Director of Newby Psychological Services
  • Stephanie Thompson— Wife of rugby player Steve Thompson, a survivor of sports-related ABI
  • Dr Gaby Parker — Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Allied Neuro Therapy
  • Ian Carrier — Partner and Head of Oxford Personal Injury team, RWK Goodman
  • Trevor Greenaway — Business Consultant and father of a brain injury survivor

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