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Bicester-based EZ-Charge reveals its most popular public EV charging sites in Oxfordshire


Bicester-based Charge Point Operator EZ-Charge has revealed where EV users are most active in Oxfordshire this year, with Grey’s Road Car Park in Henley-on-Thames topping the list of its most popular public EV charging sites.

Woodstock, Chipping Norton, Witney and Wantage completed the list of top towns within Oxfordshire’s largest public EV charging network in 2023.

The Oxfordshire Park and Charge network saw over 5,000 charge sessions in November alone, showing a large upward trend in the growth of EV charging in the county.

The data is taken from 250 chargers across the 20 sites of Park & Charge Oxfordshire, the largest public network in the county, operated by EZ-Charge and delivered in collaboration with Oxfordshire County Council and four district councils.

Phil Shadbolt OBE, CEO of EZ-Charge, said: “It’s great that more and more drivers are choosing to go electric, reflecting a national trend in what has been a landmark year for the UK, with more than 50,000 public chargers now installed.

“By working closely with local authority partners, we have made Oxfordshire the gold standard for public EV charging as the UK continues to develop its EV charging infrastructure mix.

“People in Oxfordshire should feel confident in making the switch to EV, as the county is well-served with plenty of accessible, reliable public charging points.

“While usage is increasing, we’d encourage more EV motorists to visit our sites to take advantage of our safe, secure environments based in residential areas for easy access.

“They offer the option of overnight charging, which means people can unlock the best value charging with dynamic pricing and dual-band tariffs.

“We control the software and maintenance of the chargers, which means we can ensure an ultra-reliable charging experience with an uptime of 99.2%.”

The company has developed some of the market’s most advanced software systems, the EZ-Charge dashboard, which provides partners with live access to the most powerful data from its chargers. Its team supports the public and private sectors in following the transition to electrification.

Its charging points provide contactless payment options and provide VAT receipts.

EZ-Charge’s Top 10 most active sites are as follows:

  1. Grey’s Road, Henley-on-Thames
  2. King’s Road, Henley-on-Thames
  3. Hensington Road, Woodstock
  4. New Street, Chipping Norton
  5. Woodford Way, Witney
  6. Portway, Wantage
  7. Cattle Market, Wantage
  8. Cattle Market, Bicester
  9. Black Bourton, Carterton
  10. Claremont, Bicester

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