Proposal unveiled for 400 homes in Thornhill Park Development


Proposal for Thornhill Park Oxford Development - The Site
Proposal for Thornhill Park Oxford Development – The Site

Developers have unveiled a proposal for a Thornhill Park Oxford Development comprising 400 ‘dwellings’ in a mix of flats and houses – of which 50% will be affordable homes – a new hotel with circa 150 room and an innovation Centre on a site located between the Thornhill Park and Ride site and Risinghurst.

The majority of the buildings will range from 3 to 5 storeys with a set back 6th storey on the central building. The site will also feature a new public square, play areas, new cycle path and footpath connecting the site to Risinghurst, limited car parking (less than 0.25 parking spaces per flat).

Vehicular access to the development will be via a replacement T junction to the A40. This will be a left-in/left-out arrangement, requiring drivers to occasionally U-turn at either the Headington Roundabout or Thornhill Park & Ride signalised junction, as they do currently for the existing access.

The plan has been designed around promoting ecology corridors to provide safe networks for local wildlife across the site. Several spaces designed around woodland and water have been created with some biodiverse roofs added to encourage biodiversity.

The company behind the development, Shaviram, is an investment group established in 2013 specialising in property investment and development projects.

Since inception, Shaviram has built over 875 homes, with a further 1000 currently under construction, including the successful redevelopment of the old Nielsen House building in Oxford into Thornhill Court and Marley House apartments.

On its website, the company says: “Our vision provides homes within a landscape led approach where we use the inherited green infrastructure assets to craft a new special place with a distinctive character and a strong community focus.

“We are responding to the issues of ecology, access, landscape and surface water management in an integrated way to create a multi-functional landscape. We want to provide a unique, established setting for open spaces and new homes.”

Shaviram is looking to submit a planning application in January and is inviting the public to participate in a survey about the plan at thornhillparkoxford.co.uk/consultation/have-your-say

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