Bullingdon Community Centre

Bullingdon Community Centre, Headington, Oxford
Peat Moors, Headington

About the Bullingdon Community Centre

The Bullingdon Community Centre is located at the Peat Moors Recreation Ground in the Headington area of Oxford.

The old building, dating back to the 1950s, had deteriorated significantly and has been replaced with a modular-designed timber-clad building.

The new centre provides flexible space for community activities, meetings, and social gatherings, and it will be run by the Bullingdon Community Association on behalf of local residents.

Before the pandemic, when the old centre closed, the community association helped provide a wide range of activities, including parent and toddler groups, activities for older people, a monthly Swap Shop, educational activities and much more.

The site also includes a children’s playground, an all-weather sports area with floodlights and a junior-sized football pitch. Nearby is the Lye Valley nature reserve. There is a small homemade/free range/organic café and a car park.

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