Exeter College Chapel

Exeter College Chapel Oxford
Turl Street

About Exeter College Chapel Oxford

Exeter College is located at the heart of Oxford, adjoining the Bodleian Library. The College, the fourth oldest at the University, has occupied its current site on Turl Street since 1315, one year after it was founded.

There has been a Chapel in the College since its foundation and it has fulfilled many different functions over the past seven centuries, as understandings of religion and faith has changed through the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the Oxford Movement.

Today the Chapel is, of course a place of divine worship, but also a deliberately inclusive space, belonging to the whole College. As well as a place to seek solace, it seeks to challenge our views of life: it is a place where ideas can be aired and exchanged, where faith and understanding can be explored, in a supportive and respectful manner, through services, and other events.

Exeter College Chapel Oxford University

Exeter College choir rehearse before a wedding in the chapel. Photo by Sarah Brabbin

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