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The Oxford Magazine is launching a new digital print magazine.

Mansfield College Chapel

Mansfield College Chapel, Oxford
Mansfield College, Mansfield Road

About Mansfield College Chapel

Mansfield College Chapel is a cherished and expansive sanctuary in the heart of Oxford.

Known to be one of the largest chapels in the city, it holds a special place in the daily life of Mansfield, drawing students, staff, and Fellows into its welcoming embrace.

At its core is an inclusive ethos, evident in the Chapel’s commitment to ecumenical worship, extending a warm welcome to all. Chapel Services, a central fixture on Wednesdays, serve as a communal gathering for reflection and celebration.

Beyond the college community, the Chapel opens its doors to the public, inviting everyone to join its services and experience the spirit of Mansfield’s worship.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Mansfield College Chapel encourages active participation from students and staff in all facets of worship, fostering an ecumenical environment. If you’re keen on contributing – through readings or leading prayers – reach out to the Chaplain.

Enriching the Chapel’s vibrant tapestry is its active choir, a harmonious assembly open to all. Music is a vital element of the Chapel, and it welcomes contributions from Mansfield’s talented students and staff.

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