Witney Feast 2022

12 September 2022
13 September 2022
The Leys, Witney
The Leys

Witney Feast, The Leys, Witney, Oxfordshire

About the Witney Feast

The Witney Feast will take place on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September at its historic home on The Leys, Witney, with the traditional Golden Gallopers service on the evening of Sunday 11 September 2022.

Star Flyer, Space, Superstar, Extreme, Jumping Frogs, Dominator, Stargate. These are all rides that you are likely to encounter at Witney Feast in 2022.

It’s set to be a spectacular event. Along with traditional rides such as the Waltzer and Dodgems, there is the Wild Mouse roller coaster and a family-friendly smaller version – the Dragon Coaster.

Some of the rides that come to Witney are exclusive and not seen in Oxford at the St Giles Fair.

So, if you fancy a ride aboard the Star Flyer 200 feet up in the air or a wander through the largest funhouse in Europe at four storeys high, right here in the heart of Witney is the place to be.