GLUT, Oxford

Glut, Oxford - Burger Restaurant
71 George Street

About GLUT Oxford

GLUT is a new, independent start up restaurant serving sinfully good homemade American comfort food to Oxford.

At GLUT, we pride ourselves on making every single burger, dish and sauce we serve from scratch as we only trust ourselves to make the most delicious food out there! We’ve tried and tested every dish a gazillion times until they were done to the best level they can possibly be. We were tired of waking up in the morning, dreaming about going back to USA just so we could get that sinfully good comfort food we all love, so we brought it to Oxford.


All of our beef burgers are minced and pressed by us. We only mince whole joints; fresh every morning. So we know exactly what’s going into it and so ensure we make the juiciest and freshest burgers possible.


We bring in our own raw chickpeas, soak them, grind them and season them ourselves to ensure they are made to the highest standard.


All of our buns are brought in fresh every morning from local bakers Natural Bread- never frozen. We toast them to perfection to make sure we’re giving you the best hold and taste possible.


All of our sauces are made in house. Our blue cheese sauce is made with Oxford Blue Cheese as we like to keep every ingredient as local as possible.


All our pickles and relish are made in house with our own pickling spices – you couldn’t pick(le) better!

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